Feingold Medical Legal Inc (FML) provides analysis of complex pulmonary medicine and related internal medicine forensic cases.

Feingold Medical Legal - Dr. Allan Feingold

Allan Feingold, MD, FRCP(C), FCCP

Feingold Medical Legal's Founder, Dr. Allan Feingold, is a physician licensed to practice medicine in Florida and New York. He is board certified in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine. Dr. Feingold has been a NIOSH certified B reader since 1985. From 1987 to 2008 Dr. Feingold was Chief of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine of South Miami Hospital, a large not-for profit community hospital. In 2008 Dr. Feingold became the Medical Director of a new department at South Miami Hospital, the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Feingold has studied the medical and epidemiological literature pertaining to occupational and non-occupational asbestos exposure, asbestos-induced pleural abnormalities, asbestosis, lung cancer associated with asbestosis and pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma. Furthermore, Dr. Feingold has studied the evolution of medical knowledge of asbestos-related conditions. He has examined, interviewed and treated asbestos-exposed workers for more than 3 decades. In addition, Dr. Feingold has reviewed medical records and x-rays of many thousands of asbestos-exposed individuals, both living and deceased. He has served as an expert and given important testimony as a pulmonary specialist in many well-known trials.

Dr. Feingold has studied the medical literature on tobacco smoking, smoking cessation, diseases related to smoking and addiction. Dr. Feingold has also studied the evolution of medical knowledge about smoking and smoking related diseases, including the internal documents of the tobacco industry. Dr. Feingold is a clinician who has examined, interviewed, and treated smokers and ex-smokers continually during his training and practice and he has treated many thousands of patients for cigarette-induced diseases including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD - chronic bronchitis and emphysema), atherosclerotic coronary and peripheral vascular disease and cigarette-induced cancer of organs other than the lung including larynx, esophagus, bladder and kidney. Furthermore, Dr. Feingold has diagnosed and treated many patients for nicotine addiction.

Dr. Feingold has lectured extensively on asbestos medicine and tobacco issues at local and national conferences. Dr. Feingold is the co-author of a forensic medical textbook titled Asbestos Medicine on Trial (with Norwood Wilner. Andrews Professional Books 1995).

Stasha B. Novakovic, MD

Dr. Stasha Novakovic is a physician licensed to practice medicine in Florida. He is triple board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.

Dr. Stasha Novakovic completed his undergraduate studies at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA in 2003 and his medical studies at St George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies in 2008. He was at the University of Florida for his residency and University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital for his Pulmonary/Critical care fellowship.

Dr. Novakovic has worked as a full time Pulmonologist and Intensivist at the Veterans Administration since 2014, in addition to being a Critical Care consultant with Baptist Health since 2016. Additionally, Dr. Novakovic has had many years of teaching experience at several hospitals across South Florida lecturing on the topics of pulmonology and critical care. He is the Chair of the CPR Committee at the Miami VA, which is also the position he has held at the West Palm Beach VA since 2020. He provided instruction and oversight for the FAU Internal Medicine Residency Program at the WPB VA for eight years and now does so for the UM/Jackson Internal Medicine Residents and Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellows at the Miami VA. Based on his analysis and interpretation of the published medical literature, it has been his responsibility to contribute to the development of standards for the practice of pulmonary medicine at both VA hospitals, for such initiatives as lung cancer screening, the treatment of COVID-19, cardiopulmonary resuscitation protocols and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Dr. Novakovic has studied the medical and epidemiological literature pertaining to occupational and non-occupational asbestos exposure, asbestos-induced pleural abnormalities, asbestosis, lung cancer associated with asbestosis and pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma. Along with the most current research articles, he has also researched he evolution of medical knowledge of these asbestos-related conditions. Concurrently, Dr. Novakovic has reviewed medical records, pathologic specimens and thoracic imaging of many asbestos-exposed individuals, both living and deceased. This has contributed to his experience and knowledge regarding lung diseases caused by occupational exposures to asbestos and other industrial dusts.

Lauren Clancy, RRT, CPFT, MSN, APRN

Lauren Clancy is an integral part of the daily business of Feingold Medical Legal and has worked with Dr. Feingold in various capacities for over thirty years. She is likely the first person you’ll encounter when you partner with us on a case.

Prior to joining Feingold Medical Legal, Lauren’s extensive background includes serving as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Registered Nurse at South Miami Hospital, consulting on pulmonary studies for the U.S. Department of Justice in cases of potential Medicare fraud, and acting as Vice President of Clinical Services for Practice Management Services, Inc.

Lauren has held a variety of roles and responsibilities within Feingold Medical Legal. She performs medical, chemical, and technical research services, manages patient assessment and care, and serves as administrator of the office and the FML team members. Her expertise in the field of pulmonary medicine is crucial to the quality and thoroughness of our assessments and reports.

Lauren earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Nursing from Barry University in Miami, Florida. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), a Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (CPFT), a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). She is also a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing. She has been commissioned as a Notary Public in the state of Florida since 1986.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In addition, she enjoys traveling, equestrian activities, boating, water sports and snow skiing. She also works to protect vulnerable youth through Florida’s Guardian ad Litem program.